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Brazilian Teak

Brazilian teak, is commonly known internationally as Brazilian teak, a native of the jungles Brazilian, and generally located in South America, in countries such as Costa Rica and Peru. Brazilian teak tree is one of the most abundant in the jungle. However the rainforest is in danger, so frequently are harvested, and hence this is increasingly dispersed. The process of harvesting is carried out much until the trees fully reach maturity, which could cause that this species is endangered. It is a type of wood of great strength, compared with its main rival commercially, the teak Brimania, this, being Brazilian Teak up to three times more strong and dense than the above mentioned. By its own nature, it is common to make use of this resource in exotic floors, because their colors are vivid and beautiful, ideal to provide joy and elegance to any space where use is made. Their tones vary from the Golden to mahogany red, turning it into an attractive material that combines the durability and stability required by many.

It is a natural resource undemanding when it comes to maintenance, almost minimal, however this does not detract him the beauty characteristic of this material and much less high durability provided. In general, it is often used for wooden floors, however this does not limit multiple applications that you can add to this resource 100% natural.

It is noted that this type of way varies its hue according to the incidence of solar rays, because prior to this you can show a Brown purple or brown to reddish, and after this tends to show a Brown clear or yellow brown.

Is the Brazilian Teak of high durability?

In effect, this type of wood Brazilian Teak popularly known as Teak Brazilian is of very high durability, even at a global level is one of the stronger, why its application refers to the installation of wood floors (although it is not their only use), however this does not mean you should not count on any type of maintenance, since the lack of the same will show a look sloppy and up to a lengssth that does not correspond this material.

The Brazilian Teak, high durability like the Stainless Stee

Uses of the Brazilian teak

By his kindness and good appearance, does not limit its implementation in open or closed environments, however it is recommended to make good use of the resource in areas or places where there is exposure to wear and tears, may be used in any residential or commercial application where you want to the hardness and color of the wood species. These include: flats, balcony, terraces, and is even used in the shipbuilding industry

Brazilian Teak at the Balcony

Technical Specifications:

*dimensional stability: coming to 7.6, this ranks with an average dimensional stability, approximately 12% more stable than Northern red oak

*Cutting/machining: since the wood is very hard, the equipment used must be Carbide. The qualities of machining and sanding of wood are good

*Sanding: sanding wood can be difficult because the scratches are easy to see. If each sanding does not eliminate all the earlier marks, these marks will be the finish

*Nailing: Brazilian teak, is best to pre-drill and hand nail because the wood is so hard.

*Finish: at the end of Brazilian teak, test all finished before using them in the entire apartment. Some oil based finishes may not dry completely unless special instructions are followed. Moisture Cure Urethanes and water-based finishes are the best way forward.

*Availability: moderate available